Get a blast of an experience during the summer holidays!

Garderhøj Fort has great summer holiday experiences for all summer weather!

The Danish summer vacation is capricious but fear not! The Garderhøj fortress has experiences for all kinds of weather. During the summer recess the fortress will be filled with activities for both large and small. Ranging from soldiers ' challenges to the gunpowder owls to guided tours of the royal canons. 2 powder owls ready to shoot the rain down! The entrance from Jægersborgvej does not look like much. 2 red flags are the only indication that the long avenue leads to other than the surrounding residential area. But if you move down, you are suddenly standing on a large green area and if you dare to list it further, the giant fortress rises up the earth. Garderhøj Fort was first opened to the public in 2013 and many have therefore not discovered its existence, but the rates leader Kristine Adler-Nissen strongly to change: "Last summer there were many who did not visit the fortress because they thought it was a cold, dark, Humid place. But the Garderhøj fortress is actually the perfect place to stay in the summer holidays! When it rains there is warm and dry in the fort and when the sun shines you can enjoy the beautiful outdoor surroundings and then pull into the fort's exhibitions and eat an ice cream when it gets too hot. " The fort's exhibitions are interactive and let guests try the Soldiers Life Anno 1915 on their own body. But there are also great experiences for adults who want to delve into the history, architecture or patrons of the fort. Every day at noon. 12.00 There will be an open tour for those who will hear more about the history of the fort. The tour lasts an hour and is free of charge when the entrance fee is paid-there are a limited number of seats that are allocated on a first served basis on the day. Summer vacation Garderhøj Fortress has a special challenge for families visiting the fort. They are provided with a soldaterbog that can only be filled in if they handle different tasks around the fort. They have to prove they are attentive, can send coded messages, have control of the packing, can hit with the cannon balls and much more. The Garderhøj fort is open every day during school holidays from 10:00 to 20:00. 10:30-16.00. Summer holiday activities run from D. 30. June to D. 12. August.