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Orienteering in Ermelunden

“Find vej i Garderhøjfortet anno 1915” is a journey through the history of the Garderhøj fortress and the planned flood of Ermelunden during the 1. World War. There are 9 posts on the route and it is possible to start from both Garderhøjfort (Start A) and Ermelunden (Start B). The posts are marked on the card, that can be printed from this page.

Every post introduces a person from 1915. As you explore, you will among others meet the commander, the cartographer, the soldier and the nervous neighbour.

logo TravelTales Download the app TravelTales og start “Garderhøjfort anno 1915” (A eller B). The story starts automatically when you find the posts. Historien starter automatisk når du finder posten.

Every post has a unique code of letters. Write these down to prove you have found the post.

You can also use your phone to solve a quiz on the route. Have fun!

The Project happened in cooperation with Dansk Orienterings-Forbund, Garderhøjfortet and Lokalhistorisk Arkiv, Gentofte kommune.

Find the app here:

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