officersmessen 2

The Officers’ Mess

Here, you can eat your own food when you have finished the exercises – or just want a bit to eat when you are at the Garderhøjfort. The Mess is a place with a lot of history, and was the gathering point for the officers of the fort. Below, you can see how the day went for the soldiers in the fort, according to a narrative from 1st Lieutenant Harald Harboe in 1893:





4 a.m. – Wake-up Call

At 4 in the morning, the bugle sounds the reveille. If you are not out of bed and busy making the bed within a quarter of an hour, it is certain that the Inspecting Officer will make a note in his book.

4-6 a.m. – Early Morning Exercises

6 a.m. – Roll Call

Morning parade in the gorge moat .. And not until the sharp eyes of the second-in-command has passed “your inferiority”, can you breathe a sigh of relief, and begin the duties of the day in Great Spirit.

7 a.m. -Noon – Morning Exercises

Grenade projectiles and gunpowder charges are hoisted up and down in the man powered lifts, and the disappearing turrets ascend like mushrooms, fire a series of shots against a marked enemy battery, and disappear as quickly as they turned up…

Noon – Gathering for Dinner

The food does not vary. One day soup and meat, the next day peas and pork! However, the ingredients are healthy and good .. And the portions more than sufficient ..

After-dinner-nap – one hour for maintaining equipment, etc.


4 – 6 p.m. – Afternoon Exercises

Drill on the glacis, signal- and telephone duties, and reconnaissance in the front terrain or cleaning of the artillery pieces ..


At sunset, the flag is lowered.

When the exercises of the day are finished, the equipment polished for the following day, the evening meal eaten and the roll call is over, you have the pleasure of a peaceful evening-hour on the deck of the fort or the slopes of the glacis ..