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European Fortress Day 2024

Sunday the 2nd June 2024

  •  10:30-16:00


  • Price: Free
  • Place: Garderhøjfortet
  • Questions: Call the fortress at 39611734 or 28351457 or send a mail to

Kommende arrangementer på Garderhøjfortet


European Fortress day

Join us for the celebration of European Fortress day at Garderhøjfortet the 2nd June 2024. Get free admission to the fortress and free guided tours in English. Bring the whole family and make a fun family-picnic on the green areas around the fortress.

Experience a fortress that wasn’t bombed during WW1

If you have ever seen pictures or even visited the fortresses around Verdun in France lige Fort Vaux or Fort Douaumont . You will know that they have been badly destroyed during WW1. Both the fortresses and the surrounding areas are covered with craters from the millions of bombs that hit the area in the battle of Verdun.

Denmark, fortunately, stayed neutral during WW1. For that reason, the fortifications around Copenhagen were never bombed. They were manned during all of WW1 though. With soldiers who waited and waited for the war to come to Denmark, but luckily it never did.

On the Garderhøj fortress we have interactive exhibitions where you can try to train like the soldiers  during WW1. Man the cannontower, use the telegraph to send morse messages and write postcards with pen and ink. Furthermore the Fortress gives you a unique opportunity to experience a fully functional twin turret from “Grusonwerk” with two 15 cm cannons. You can even try to push the tower into position, if you’re strong enough.

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