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The Support Foundation

The purpose of the support foundation is to support the owners of the fortress – The Garderhoj Foundation. They try and gather the interest there is about the Garderhoj fortress. The support foundation contacts people or groups interested in the military or in history. They especially seek out those, who can aid in the restauration of the fortress, give guided tours or give an economic support.

The support foundation was created the 25. august 1996. Yearly membership pr. 2020 is 100 kr.

If you are interested in joining, please write a mail to:


The current members are:

  • Hans Aage Hjerrild, chairman
  • Christian Kerff, deputy chairman
  • Kenneth Høst, cassier
  • Frederik Torp
  • Peter Ortmann, selected by Garderhøjfonden
  • Bo From Petersen


  • Flemming Torp, Garderhøjfort 2, 2820 Gentofte. Tlf: 40166018
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